Good Doctor ep12

Shi-on: In the world, there seems to be a lot of qualifying criteria. A qualification to become a student. A qualification to become a doctor. A qualification to become a man. And… a qualification to like or love someone.  (Good Doctor, episode 12) Continue reading


->because I can’t think of a nice title for this random post of mine..

Ngayon lang ulit ako magbo-blog in Tagalog (or Taglish).  Madalas ko ‘tong gawin dati sa Multiply account ko. Puro kwento lang. Medyo nawalan na nga dati ng silbi yung journal ko kasi dun lang ako nagkekwento ng mga kung anu-anong nangyayari sa buhay ko, lalo na nung college student pa ko.

Hmm. Feeling ko ngayon hindi ako basta-basta makapagshare online. Continue reading

breaking free

Morning everyone. Gising pa rin ako.

Ang hirap pag moody, lagi nalang nag-iisip, kaya palagi ring puyat, haha. But seriously, this moodswing is a torture. Or is it depression? I don’t know. But it’s a wreck. Imbis na maging masaya ako ngayon dahil December (ang buwan ng mga pagsasaya) eh nalulungkot ako. Yes, nalulungkot din naman ako kahit Kristiyano ako. Continue reading


Solo Overnight Mode, as I call it

Solo Overnight Mode, as I call it

For the past weeks I’ve been up until 4 in the morning because of our thesis (educational game development). Our group is consists of three members: one is in charge of the overall animation (Unity 3D), the other is of design (Photoshop), and I in 3D modeling (Blender) and design also. The game’s theme is underwater adventure, and the main character is a yellow submarine. In the first place, what really made me think hard was how to make its propeller rotate. Because of my limitations in animation know-how, I told my group mates to just leave the propeller behind just for a while, while we focus on more urgent things necessary on the gameplay.

A couple of nights ago, we decided to add some challenges in the game, so I was told to create a spike bomb/ball– a rolling one. Aw. I was still finding good tutorials on YouTube about animation or simple movements, and good thing I saw one, a movement similar to what we wanted to achieve. After several minutes, I made the spike ball move, but still not rolling. The video actually showed how to change/rotate directions of a single part of a mesh (the model, or the object) while moving on a path, but at that time I really couldn’t understand (maybe because I was already sleepy).

After giving my mind a break, I watched the video again and resolved to myself that I’m gonna follow everything this man was saying… and voila! I actually did it… Continue reading

Tumblr-ish confession

These past few days I stumbled upon Tumblr through image searching, and then for maybe a couple of hours I got so hooked up in clicking thumbnails and scrolling down, looking at some pretty and fun(ny) pictures. It’s an interesting social site, but I didn’t make an account anyway (I have sooo many accounts now, and I’m sooo not good in remembering~).

I created a Twitter account instead :D

My schoolmate once said that having Tumblr is like having a life away from the actual lifemay sariling mundo…hehe. But the way the posts are made (and posted, lol) is fun; feelings and reactions are best expressed through photo thumbnails, and made me think, why not make a Tumblr-ish blog, eh? (I didn’t make it as thumbnails, though.)


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of brokenness

Here I am, Oh God
Once again I come
To Your grace I stand
Before You I bow down

I am weak and frail,
foolishness took me;
sins crawled to my being;
succumbed to doubt and fear.

Day after day I ask for hope
but it seems so faint;
so blurred and far away,
like a fog before a dawn.

I couldn’t give myself one
because inside me there’s nothing
left to be proud of,
no good comes thereof. Continue reading