Tumblr-ish confession

These past few days I stumbled upon Tumblr through image searching, and then for maybe a couple of hours I got so hooked up in clicking thumbnails and scrolling down, looking at some pretty and fun(ny) pictures. It’s an interesting social site, but I didn’t make an account anyway (I have sooo many accounts now, and I’m sooo not good in remembering~).

I created a Twitter account instead :D

My schoolmate once said that having Tumblr is like having a life away from the actual lifemay sariling mundo…hehe. But the way the posts are made (and posted, lol) is fun; feelings and reactions are best expressed through photo thumbnails, and made me think, why not make a Tumblr-ish blog, eh? (I didn’t make it as thumbnails, though.)



Sometimes I feel like this:

…because of the frustrations inside me. There will be weekdays that I’m so low spiritually, and I would just laze around…

There’s a saying, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” Then, out of this, sin awaits on the doorstep of my heart; I would grow weak~

It knocks, and I still dare ask what it is, though I already know what it is. I open and welcome it in, and let it cling to my heart for a moment. I know it will kill me but I still let it in:

When I’ve given in, it’s just then I will realize my folly, my sin. It has leeched me for a moment, but scarred me like for eternity. Resenting this, I come crawling back to You..

I confess to You…

I desire to be cleansed…

and to be filled with Your Spirit…

LORD, I want my spirit to be with You always, whether it’s high or low. When it’s low and I reach rock-bottom, please still be with me, and I with You, and raise me up from the mud. When I’m high, remind me that it’s because You’re carrying me…

LORD, let my life be like a grain of wheat, just like the parable/analogy Jesus Christ had said. Let me be broken so that a new one will spring up and blossom and eventually become fruitful. Let my life be a grain of wheat that dies to live again for Your glory alone. Though I don’t understand lots of things now, I know You’re doing it right.

The way to a fruitful life is to die to one self. To be broken.

Thank You LORD!


some of the background images used in the pictures above are from Google, then Photoshopped by me :D


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