three verses

Wow another year has passed by, and here we are, at 2013. Time really flies by so quickly. When I was a kid I’ve never thought that the world would reach until this far (because y’know, Astroboy is set on 2030, and Marty McFly time-traveled to 2015. I thought the 21st century would introduce us to flying cars and silver uniforms in tights XD).

So much for that.2013resolutions_122712-thumb-640xauto-7388

I was planning to write on New Year’s Eve, but I got caught up in many household chores and errands. That certain day is always busy, because it’s my special day— another year has also been added to my age. Haha! (There goes my youth… lol) But in line of this I want to share my three life verses— ones that have truly struck me, and motivated and inspired me, taught me to be more mature as I walk daily in this Christian journey. Continue reading

breaking free

Morning everyone. Gising pa rin ako.

Ang hirap pag moody, lagi nalang nag-iisip, kaya palagi ring puyat, haha. But seriously, this moodswing is a torture. Or is it depression? I don’t know. But it’s a wreck. Imbis na maging masaya ako ngayon dahil December (ang buwan ng mga pagsasaya) eh nalulungkot ako. Yes, nalulungkot din naman ako kahit Kristiyano ako. Continue reading

the melancholy of midori-chan

No, this isn’t about a certain anime you might know or have watched… And oh, read at your own risk!


When you're the only one desaturated in a world of colors...

When you're the only one desaturated in a world of colors...


For me, depression does not mean you have no God (if you’re already a believer). There were servants of God who were so depressed they utterly desired to die. So, don’t they have God in their hearts? Have they stopped believing and trusting God? For example, Jeremiah… Sino nga ba naman ang hindi madedepressed kung palagi ka nalang pinagbibintangan, tinutuligsa, kinukulong, pinagbabantaan…? Si Elijah. Bakit lagi syang depressed? Ewanko ba sa kanya, pero kadalasan ganun nga yun.. Katatapos lang ng great battle nya against Baal’s prophets, tas bigla-bigla gusto nalang nyang mamatay…
For me, depression runs in the blood. It’s in a certain man’s character. Continue reading