social bits overload

nograyareas-versionSecond day of social media fast. So tempting to open my accounts. Argh. When my boredom strikes, there’s like a want to always open my Facebook and Twitter. This fasting I can liken to when we did a Daniel fasting. At that time, it’s so tempting to eat rice and meat. But I believe that through this, God would give me more grace and strength, and the wisdom that I haven’t known before.

The reason I’m doing this (I’m in a 3-day fast) is because I am like bombarded by so many, so much information, details, and nuisances. I need to de-clutter my mind. And it’s a matter of devotion and self-control. Continue reading

ang pagiging babae…


Sabi nila masarap maging babae, kasi tayo ang “hinahabol.” Ang lalaki ang gumagawa ng paraan para sa gusto or mahal nya. Ang babae ang naghihintay. Pero mahirap din maging babae, dahil hindi sya makapag-first move.

Sa kultura ng Pilipino, hindi maganda sa isang babae na unahan ang isang lalaki, kahit na sabihin pa nating we’re in the modern times na. Mas gusto ko pa rin ang kulturang Pilipino — ang babaing Pilipina. Yun nga lang para sa’ken may dilemma. Kasi hindi ako pwedeng magfirst move sa taong gusto ko. I really just have to wait. And that’s the strain of being a woman. Continue reading