social bits overload

nograyareas-versionSecond day of social media fast. So tempting to open my accounts. Argh. When my boredom strikes, there’s like a want to always open my Facebook and Twitter. This fasting I can liken to when we did a Daniel fasting. At that time, it’s so tempting to eat rice and meat. But I believe that through this, God would give me more grace and strength, and the wisdom that I haven’t known before.

The reason I’m doing this (I’m in a 3-day fast) is because I am like bombarded by so many, so much information, details, and nuisances. I need to de-clutter my mind. And it’s a matter of devotion and self-control.

While I’m doing this, I recall someone from FB who said that social media fast is not a fast; because as David said in 2 Samuel 24:24, he won’t offer sacrifices to the LORD God that costs him nothing. And depriving from opening Facebook isn’t an offering that costs something. Well, I beg to differ.

Young woman reading bibleIn this modern age, social media is like a part of our basic necessity. It’s like a need, that we have to update ourselves online and share. It isn’t a sin, but it can become an obsession. Without self-control. The time we could offer or devote to more productive things is being wasted in an hour or two in front of our computers or mobile devices. And I’m guilty of it.

I confess that I have trouble praying and meditating these days. I can’t rise up early in the morning like I used to; I can’t devote longer hours in prayer. My body is weak, and I need help. Yesterday I was supposed to go to our city’s only park (yeah…). I planned it in my head, but that morning I couldn’t sleep. And because I didn’t prepare for it, I didn’t pray for it as well.

I bought last April John Piper’s book When I Don’t Desire God. I’m surprised that I’m becoming slow in reading nowadays– I wasn’t beyond five chapters! I flipped through the pages and saw a chapter and two about God’s word, prayer and meditation. I read on, though it’s in the middle of the book.

What a person prays for shows the spiritual condition of his heart. If we do not pray for spiritual things,… then probably it is because we do not desire those things. (p. 139)

How we pray reveals the desires of our hearts. And the desires of our hearts reveal what our treasure is. And if our treasure is not Christ, we will perish. (p. 139)

Prayer is our response to God in reliance on his Spirit; and meditation is our response to God in reliance on his Word. (p. 148)

So the way the Spirit inspires and sustains joy in our lives is by humbly and quietly enabling us to see the beauty of Christ in the Word. (p. 150)

Piper also gives some suggestions on how to prepare in reading God’s word with delight. And I am happy to study and maybe apply it on myself.

“May my meditation be sweet to Him;
I will be glad in the LORD.”
–Psalm 104:34

May God refresh me each day, everyday. May all my thoughts toward Him be pure and good, just as His are toward me.


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