the Love of God

Last month I decided to social media fast.. I deprived myself from opening my Facebook and Twitter for seven days, and dwell in the wisdom and revelation of the Lord. Though seven days didn’t actually mean seven topics, but God is good and gracious that He let me realized five topics during those days.

REALIZATION 01: Love of God (and Love for Him)heart-gsz

Actually I didn’t write something about this, because during that day I expressed personally my love to God, to my Father, to my Abba (I didn’t write them down, because I’m really talking with Him as if He was in front of me at that time). He led me into various passages about His love, but first in the power of His grace and forgiveness over my faults and sins. Continue reading

breaking free

Morning everyone. Gising pa rin ako.

Ang hirap pag moody, lagi nalang nag-iisip, kaya palagi ring puyat, haha. But seriously, this moodswing is a torture. Or is it depression? I don’t know. But it’s a wreck. Imbis na maging masaya ako ngayon dahil December (ang buwan ng mga pagsasaya) eh nalulungkot ako. Yes, nalulungkot din naman ako kahit Kristiyano ako. Continue reading

to overcome

I thought a thought but the thought I thought wasn’t the thought I thought I thought…

After reading the Gospel of Mark, I began to think some of my new realizations about reading the Bible and other misconceptions I had about it. Then I thought to create a list of the realizations I’ve found in myself for the past years. It’s in random order, some are just plain silly, some are really significant.

-I thought I could never learn the piano.

-I thought I could never learn English (I’m still learning!).

-I thought ‘Mark’ (and Luke) was among Jesus’ 12 disciples.

-I thought I could never understand the Bible. Or, I thought I could never stand reading the Old Testament (but hey! I’ve already finished it for the glory of God :) ). Continue reading