If you judge a fish…

Suddenly I was reminded of this quote na nakita ko dati somewhere:


Gets ko na medyo hindi. Hehe. But let me share what I thought.

Each one of us has his own area of expertise. Someone is good at a certain thing, but nobody is good at everything. But, everyone has an opportunity to learn something he isn’t good at. And judging that person whether he can do it or not would be unfair.

Teka… tama ba ang aking understanding? Haha, anyway. But please feel free to comment your own understanding of Einstein’s quote. :)

a blessing or a lesson?

8612858076_47564f0217_zThere’s a quote that says, “We meet people for a reason. Either they’re a blessing or a lesson.” But it can also be both: That person’s a BLESSING because he/she has been a channel of God’s blessings, either tangible or not; that he/she becomes a blessing to you because of the love and care you receive from that person. Then, a LESSON also, for knowing someone who differs from you can make or break you; knowing and being with him/her can be God’s instrument of discipline and refinement.
We need each other. We aren’t perfect people. We are all broken people, but as one Casting Crowns’ song says, we can be broken together, that we may be whole by knowing more of God’s love through our relationships with other people.

You could be both a blessing and a lesson to somebody.


The feels of this movie…

Anong araw ba ngayon?? Friday the 13th… Kaya pala.. Bisperas. Kaya pala feeling ewan ako ngayon.

Feeling ko itong Valentines Day na ito talaga eh sensationalized nalang. Bakit kelangan sa Feb 14 sila magdate, eh napakaraming araw naman sa buong taon? Mabuti kung holiday yan at walang pasok sa school/work.

Tapos parang walang ‘say’ ang mga single tuwing ganyang araw.. Balewala ang mga wisdom, ang mga realizations, ang mga lessons sa buhay na nais ipaabot sa mundo personally or through social media– kasi single ka! Lalo na yung NBSB. Parang wala kang karapatang magsalita at magbigay ng opinyon at dunong tungkol sa love and relationships.

Naaalala ko tuloy yung may nagsabi sa akin dati na mas lalo kong mauunawaan ang pag-ibig ng Diyos pag nakilala ko na ang ‘the one’ ko na bigay ng Lord. Mas lalo ko tuloy naiisip na through being in a relationship lamang eh mas maiintindihan ko kung ano talaga ang love and being in love. Gusto kong maniwala na mas mamahalin ko nga ang Lord pag nagkaroon ako ng ‘other half.’ Eh paano naman kung wala pa? Does it mean hindi ko pa talaga ganun kamahal si Lord?…

Oo masakit naman talaga na maging single pa rin since birth. Pero para sa akin mas masakit yung makita ang mga kapwa ko Kristyano na hindi tinatanggap ang mga naishe-share ko about love and relationships, dahil nga kasi I’m still single. Mas gusto pa rin nila yung understanding na turo ng kamunduhan or galing sa secular sources.

Because of that, I am disliking this ‘season of love’ more and more with all of my heart. Bitter na kung bitter ang isipin ng iba, pero yan ang saloobin ko. Alam kong may nagmahal din naman sa’keng lalaki, pero takot nga lang at torpe. At pihikan ako at alam kong hindi pa ngayon ang tamang panahon para pumasok ako sa isang relasyon. Dahil andami ko pang gustong gawin sa buhay… Gusto ko pa mag-aral ulit. Gusto ko pa mag-aral ng English course or magmajor sa English; gusto ko pang mag-aral ng Biblical Hebrew. Gusto ko pa magturo ng Bible studies. Gusto ko pa magkaron ng business. That is why while I’m still single I am desiring to glorify God with all of my body, soul, and spirit. Yan ang nais kong ituro sa ibang mga single din at mas bata sa akin, pero hindi yan ang gusto nilang marinig. Ang gusto nilang marinig ay kung paano manligaw o paano mapapaibig ang taong yun. Ayaw nilang marinig ang tungkol sa ‘tamang paghihintay’ or ‘perfect time’ ng Lord. Yan ang ayaw natin generally dahil gusto nating masunod ang sarili natin. But as CS Lewis said:

Ayaw mong pakialaman ka ng ibang tao regarding your love life? Fine! Pero walang makapipigil sa Lord na pakialamanan ka lalo na dyan, dahil it involves your heart. We humans tend to learn the hard way. But God only wants the best for us. He doesn’t want us to get messed up because of our disobedience. That’s why He teaches us to wait and trust Him, that there is a perfect mate made for us, just like how Eve was created perfectly for Adam (Genesis 2:18-22). God is preparing us as He is also preparing that person who will be ‘a helper comparable’ to us. In God’s perfect time, according to His will.

Unconditional love

I still don’t understand the concept of love, even though I’ve learned how to love, care, & value others more than myself..

Maybe it’s the very essence of love.. To give and show love unconditionally, even if you don’t receive the same amount in return..

I may not fully understand what love is, but I know the Author and God of love.. To know Him is to know what love truly is.

These were my tweets days ago…  Weeks ago I’ve been troubled by a Facebook comment to my post regarding love, and it still is making me ask deeper questions about love of all kinds. It’s as if my whole idea of God’s love wants to be diminished, because it’s been challenged by that comment. Basta yun na yun; mahirap i-explain, mahaba eh.. Hehe. (Maybe sometime later I will blog about it..)

Pero napansin ko sa sarili ko nitong mga nakaraan puro ganyan ang mga tanong ko, mga status or thoughts or realizations ko. Maybe it’s a romantic love, or brotherly one. Or just familial. Continue reading

No Fear in Love

Having a spiritual child makes you accountable, and lets you learn about accountability. It also gives you understanding that there’s more to the ministry you’ve committed yourself into. It’s also about relationships.


“Bunga” kasi ako ng mentorship, and gusto ko talagang may ma-mentor. That’s why I’m really eager to teach young people about the Bible, Bible-reading, and things I’ve learned from the Bible and from my mentor. And now, maybe it was really God’s plan, that He gave me spiritual children. They were eight, but three of them I consider really as my own kids. And they’re boys. Oh boy. Alam mo yun, wala pa nga kong sariling mga anak, pero mukhang “OJT” ko na yung mga nararanasan ko with them. But I thank God, because I know that all those things are really like training and discipline for me– to train, discipline, correct, refine my character as His child, and as a human being as well. Continue reading

No Longer I

My life isn’t mine anymore. Because I’ve been bought at a price. How can I live this life apart from Your Presence? How can I live this life apart from Your call and destiny? How else can I live apart from You? Lord, I couldn’t imagine. I can’t imagine life without Your touch, without Your love, without Your word, without Your Presence. Every move I make, every word I speak, every thought I conceive, every desire in my heart– I’ve resolved it to be under Your shadow… I am bound in You.

This life is not my own anymore. How can I possibly live without God’s affirmation? How can I possibly live this life as I please?

I don’t have to live this life as I want. And that gives me true contentment; and that makes me whole. And that gives me peace and true freedom.

“I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.” –Galatians 2:20