If you judge a fish…

Suddenly I was reminded of this quote na nakita ko dati somewhere:


Gets ko na medyo hindi. Hehe. But let me share what I thought.

Each one of us has his own area of expertise. Someone is good at a certain thing, but nobody is good at everything. But, everyone has an opportunity to learn something he isn’t good at. And judging that person whether he can do it or not would be unfair.

Teka… tama ba ang aking understanding? Haha, anyway. But please feel free to comment your own understanding of Einstein’s quote. :)

new blog!

I have created another blog, Heart of a Discipler, where more of my serious stuff and writings will be. Also I will put there some of my beloved blog posts that I’ve written here. Go and visit it today :) Thanks and God bless!

But I will still continue to write here =D

the pain and gain of silence

There are lots of things to learn and appreciate while being silent, or in my situation now– paos (hoarse or raucous). Hindi naman ako naging ganito dahil sa kakasigaw nung nagdaang Youth Summit. Bago pa ang event eh masakit na talaga ang lalamunan ko, which had resulted in a minor flu. Nung first day eh medyo may boses pa naman ako at nakipagdaldalan pa ko sa isa kong friend, then nung may ininom akong certain juice eh ayun na.. BOOM! Haha. Paos to the highest, er, extreme level. Inaasar-asar nga ako ng mga young delegates namin na wala nga daw akong boses, hindi daw ako makakasigaw (dahil andami rin kasing artists/entertainers who graced their way in the event). Well, hindi ko naman masyadong ikinasama ng loob ang naging kalagayan ko, except sa hindi ko makausap nang maayos ang mga kasama ko, hindi ko masita yung mga pasaway (hanggang sutsot lang ako, haha..), etc. But as I said, there have been advantages in being mum, even for a while (I hope so). Continue reading

I’m here finally!

writing.. something...

Finally… I have created my real public blog. I have one on my Friendster account, and one on Multiply. But this one’s different because the contents will be more public.

Sa wakas nakarating na rin dito… Matagal ko na’ng gusto gumawa ng blog kaso due to conflicting schedules and emotions (haha!..), laging nawawaglit.

Here I’m gonna share all I’ve learned and still learning, all about my faith and walk as a Christian and disciple of our Lord. I love writing! :D