the glory in loneliness

dolor = “pain, suffering”

Language… has created the word “loneliness” to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word “solitude” to express the glory of being alone.

-Paul Tillich

Late last month, I and two of my friends (with one of their friends, also ^^) got the chance to sit down and have a talk about ourselves– our lives, studies, problems, and the like, because we haven’t done it for a quite a while then. So the issue of temperaments and humorism was brought up. Nads said she’s an extrovert, and that she knew (or sensed..or discerned) I was an introvert (which is true). David said he’s an introvert too, but I told him he’s more likely an extravert (a mix of introversion and extroversion). Nads said she’d thought she’s surrounded with introverts; I, on the other had, with extroverts (ahahaha~). But the whole chat was about having the feeling of sadness in spite the truth that we are believers now. Continue reading

the melancholy of midori-chan

No, this isn’t about a certain anime you might know or have watched… And oh, read at your own risk!


When you're the only one desaturated in a world of colors...

When you're the only one desaturated in a world of colors...


For me, depression does not mean you have no God (if you’re already a believer). There were servants of God who were so depressed they utterly desired to die. So, don’t they have God in their hearts? Have they stopped believing and trusting God? For example, Jeremiah… Sino nga ba naman ang hindi madedepressed kung palagi ka nalang pinagbibintangan, tinutuligsa, kinukulong, pinagbabantaan…? Si Elijah. Bakit lagi syang depressed? Ewanko ba sa kanya, pero kadalasan ganun nga yun.. Katatapos lang ng great battle nya against Baal’s prophets, tas bigla-bigla gusto nalang nyang mamatay…
For me, depression runs in the blood. It’s in a certain man’s character. Continue reading

notes of humorism

got from Google

Yes, I’m a melancholic person.

And yes again, I’m also an introvert. And a choleric one.

I’ve gotten the chance to know about the Four Humours, or the Four Temperaments developed by Hippocrates (and yes again, I’ve done my research).

Maybe for many, depression is treated  as something really super negative, but when I stumbled upon that quote (image), I was quite thinking it was right.

Well it’s just my simple shoutout! to all because I notice I wasn’t able to update my blog these past few weeks.

I’m an introvert, and I accept it, because God made me like this. I know it will be put into good use for His will sooner or later.

to be continued… (?)