great, strong God

I don’t say that I’ve done it all,
I don’t say that I’m already perfect;
Not that I’ve already attained it,
Or made it on my own–
But I press on toward the goal,
to the upward calling of my Savior.
Though troubles and boulders are before me,
there’s some One stronger and bigger over me.
He shields me from coming back to my past,
And lets me focus on things that really last.
Everyday I fight my Goliaths,
everyday I fight against myself,
because in my flesh and in my will, there’s nothing to be found.
My Lord is a Mighty Warrior,
my Lord is a Mighty Lover;
Bringer of justice and mercy,
Deliverer and Redeemer.
He does not stumble or fall,
for He is Strength Himself.
He gives power to the weak
and increases might to those who have none.
Though I may fall, I will fall in His hands
and sure to be carried in His arms.




Well, a bit unfinished. I also didn’t plan to put this here, because of all the things (failures, disappointments) I’m experiencing, but I think it’s more fitting that God is lifted higher than all I have and am now.

the melancholy of midori-chan

No, this isn’t about a certain anime you might know or have watched… And oh, read at your own risk!


When you're the only one desaturated in a world of colors...

When you're the only one desaturated in a world of colors...


For me, depression does not mean you have no God (if you’re already a believer). There were servants of God who were so depressed they utterly desired to die. So, don’t they have God in their hearts? Have they stopped believing and trusting God? For example, Jeremiah… Sino nga ba naman ang hindi madedepressed kung palagi ka nalang pinagbibintangan, tinutuligsa, kinukulong, pinagbabantaan…? Si Elijah. Bakit lagi syang depressed? Ewanko ba sa kanya, pero kadalasan ganun nga yun.. Katatapos lang ng great battle nya against Baal’s prophets, tas bigla-bigla gusto nalang nyang mamatay…
For me, depression runs in the blood. It’s in a certain man’s character. Continue reading

of First and Second Love

Come make war! On every other lover
Hedge me in! Come and build Your wall of fire…
Around my heart!

Let the fragrance of my worship steal Your heart!
Let the fragrance of my praise fill Your holy place!

Nothing’s better than Your presence
Oh, let me drink deep.
May my love be poured upon
Your head, Your hands, Your feet…

These are those songs I’ve been meditating for the past few days, and it’s making me feel so loved and be in love with the Lord more and more. I’m thankful to God for singers/songwriters like Rick Pino for inviting us to a higher level of worship, and making them so personal, intimate, martial, and prophetic.

Speaking of intimate… well, it’s the love month now. But the above set of lyrics got nothing to do with it. But it could be my counterattack (lol!) of love songs being sung by my 12yr-old sister.

I’m not here to create (or add) another lovey-dubby blog, or advise the readers about the joy of waiting for God’s will. See, I have actually read Continue reading

No One But You

There are many times that You
have held me up high above
the storm, the flood, the wave—
You have shown Your incomparable love.

There’s nothing more to prove,
more than what You’ve done on the cross;
Your sacrifice is the uttermost of all—
Royalty left behind to save the lost.

You were the ram caught in the thickets
by its horns, prepared for the offering;
the tree that made bitter waters sweet,
and made well all who were sick.

You are the living waters that sprung up
out of the rock for the thirsty;
The brooks and streams are You
for the dried-up soul of a deer.

At Your right hand are pleasures of forever,
Battles are defeated down at Your feet.
To find You is to find myself;
In Your presence, joy is complete.

Like a son I run to You,
and like a father You come running to me;
There is nothing like this in all the world,
There is nothing to compare with Thee.

You are far more than I can ever desire,
For a Father like You, there is none else;
One who knew me before the foundation of everything,
The One who understands me most before I knew of Him.

The love of the Father is beyond all I can imagine,
Though I’m not worthy of His home, He took me in.
He is all a child can long for, can hope for—
To be under the palm of His hands; to be just beside Him.

I desire to hear You say how my life will go on,
To know You and the paths You’re taking me to.
For there is no one that will guide me in this self-seeking world,
No one to satisfy me, not even one, but You.

For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.” (Romans 8:15)

//gRaY (c) 02-03-12//