of First and Second Love

Come make war! On every other lover
Hedge me in! Come and build Your wall of fire…
Around my heart!

Let the fragrance of my worship steal Your heart!
Let the fragrance of my praise fill Your holy place!

Nothing’s better than Your presence
Oh, let me drink deep.
May my love be poured upon
Your head, Your hands, Your feet…

These are those songs I’ve been meditating for the past few days, and it’s making me feel so loved and be in love with the Lord more and more. I’m thankful to God for singers/songwriters like Rick Pino for inviting us to a higher level of worship, and making them so personal, intimate, martial, and prophetic.

Speaking of intimate… well, it’s the love month now. But the above set of lyrics got nothing to do with it. But it could be my counterattack (lol!) of love songs being sung by my 12yr-old sister.

I’m not here to create (or add) another lovey-dubby blog, or advise the readers about the joy of waiting for God’s will. See, I have actually read Continue reading