great, strong God

I don’t say that I’ve done it all,
I don’t say that I’m already perfect;
Not that I’ve already attained it,
Or made it on my own–
But I press on toward the goal,
to the upward calling of my Savior.
Though troubles and boulders are before me,
there’s some One stronger and bigger over me.
He shields me from coming back to my past,
And lets me focus on things that really last.
Everyday I fight my Goliaths,
everyday I fight against myself,
because in my flesh and in my will, there’s nothing to be found.
My Lord is a Mighty Warrior,
my Lord is a Mighty Lover;
Bringer of justice and mercy,
Deliverer and Redeemer.
He does not stumble or fall,
for He is Strength Himself.
He gives power to the weak
and increases might to those who have none.
Though I may fall, I will fall in His hands
and sure to be carried in His arms.




Well, a bit unfinished. I also didn’t plan to put this here, because of all the things (failures, disappointments) I’m experiencing, but I think it’s more fitting that God is lifted higher than all I have and am now.


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