memoirs of my (pre)summer..

Okaaaay. So I’m super late in this kind of post.. There’s a LOT that had happened the past weeks (or month?). It’s June now– start of classes for students, rainy season (or is that storm and flood??). But my summer this year is memorable. Thank You Lord! :D


there were baby crabs surfacing from those holes.. cute!

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Our names will define who we are, or who and what we will become. So it’s important that we know the meaning of our names.


For instance, my real name’s meaning is ‘pleasing‘ (got from this site). It’s a color too, which is a mixture of black and white. When used in a phrase or sentence, e.g., gray areas, it denotes a term of having uncertainties. Well, I don’t want to have uncertainties in my life. I want full assurance, especially of my destiny.

I have blogged about new names before; that my mentor gave me a new one: Rahmony. Not really a tricky or creative name: just interchange the first letters, and voila! It means harmony. Ahaha~ My mentor wanted me to be in harmony, in unity with others, especially with those in the church. Actually I sort of dislike that name, because it sounds a lot more like Ramon. Waah. But then, he (my mentor) calls me by that name sometimes. Haha. Continue reading


February 28 ~ I thank God for this date, dahil after months of preparing/doing our game dev, and weeks after our defense/re-defense/final checking, we’ve finally received approval for our documentation from the lead panel. Ilang araw kaming pabalik-balik sa college department para malaman kung aprubado na kay doctor lead panel ang docu namin na ilang beses pina-revise (hehe!).. and nung araw na yan (exactly 7 days after the deadline of the scheduled final checking which was Feb 14 where we spent our “Valentine’s Day” in the school eating & strolling around & watching other people giving and getting flowers and gifts, LOL~), nung umaga, ang prayer ko sa Lord was “Lord, nawa ito na po ang araw ng katugunan ng pinagdarasal namin (Lord, may this day be the answer to our prayers).” And, to God be the glory, the lead panel approved our docu. It meant that both our system and docu had met the panel’s requirements. I praise the Lord for He is always faithful and good! Now, we’re waiting for the final requirements to be posted so that we could have our grades now before the Incomplete deadline (our thesis is marked Incomplete, and it is due only until this sem). We’re waiting and hoping to God and His answers. How great is our God forever!

my group with our adviser :) Victory is the LORD's!

my group with our adviser :) Victory is the LORD’s!

PS. Malapit na kaming grumaduate. Tiwala lang :D

march madness

Hehe, nakiki-uso lang. Bakit ba? … Applicable pa rin naman ang title ko dahil sa dami ng mga nangyari, pinuntahan, at nakasama ko ngayong March.. hindi naman ganun ka-extreme ang mga nangyari, still nakasama ko ang mga taong mahahalaga sa’ken, which made the days/dates worth remembering :)

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to overcome

I thought a thought but the thought I thought wasn’t the thought I thought I thought…

After reading the Gospel of Mark, I began to think some of my new realizations about reading the Bible and other misconceptions I had about it. Then I thought to create a list of the realizations I’ve found in myself for the past years. It’s in random order, some are just plain silly, some are really significant.

-I thought I could never learn the piano.

-I thought I could never learn English (I’m still learning!).

-I thought ‘Mark’ (and Luke) was among Jesus’ 12 disciples.

-I thought I could never understand the Bible. Or, I thought I could never stand reading the Old Testament (but hey! I’ve already finished it for the glory of God :) ). Continue reading