My Story (sort of)


I’m not really good when it comes to introducing or describing myself. I don’t know, but I’m not fond of explaining myself, haha. But I will try. Hard.

I fell in love with writing back in high school days, freshman, when I joined the school newspaper org. I begun writing poems, became a staff reporter then a literary editor in my junior and senior years. Nakaka-in love magsulat ng tula, and during those times, I dedicated those ones for people who were just what we call “crushes.” Puro dedicated sa mga nagiging crush ko, na walang nagawang mabuti sa’ken kundi pag-iisip lang. But it’s just a one-sided feeling: nothing more, everything less than wanted XD.

Looking back at those things, it seem “incredible” that I have even written such kind of “beauty” in words. But all are just vanity. It just encircled around one thing. It glorified human love.

Na-Ondoy kami, and syempre na-Ondoy din ang mga literary pieces ko (We were hit by the Typhoon Ondoy in the year 2009, and so were all my literary pieces). As in. Both my two compilations of old poems were drenched in the flood waters (and I couldn’t find them.. naging putik na. O natapon nang may tumulong sa’meng maglinis noon ng bahay..whatever). Luckily, some of them were stored in my back-up DVD and on my Friendster blog. Most of them were poems written for God.

I have learned that this talent or gift is from God, so I must use it only to glorify and adore Him, because everything He gives I must offer it back to Him.

I also know how to draw.. but I think God has a purpose why I have “forgotten” about it.

Though I have a course in Computer Science, my passion is still in writing.

I hope you’ll enjoy in here! :)


PS. You will notice I have several names in this blog:

*Hannah — I tackled the story behind this one here

*Rahmony — something my mentor came up with; he said it’s my new name, because he wanted me to be in harmony with the people around me, especially those in the church


But you can simply call me Gray =)

You can follow me here, or visit my other outlet. Thanks!

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