a feast and a funeral

I love the smell of sampaguita. When I, my brothers and my sister were just children, we have a large shrub of sampaguita grown in our front yard, just beside the wooden gate and with all the other trees, and flowering and vegetable plants. The white flowers’ sweet scent would perfume the whole yard, especially in the early morning and on the month of May.

sampaguita (image from Google)

Today, we’ve lost all our trees and shrubs in the front yard, except for one that’s still standing at the backyard. And also today, it seems sampaguita could just be seen on the streets being sold outside churches, worn as garlands by graduates and for guests, and is placed on religious symbols. Continue reading


waiting in vain ang peg???~

Bakit andaming Christian single ladies ang takot na takot na tumagal pa ang kanilang pagiging single..?? For me honestly, desire ko rin ang dinedesire nila, pero hind yun ang focus and main goal ng buhay ko. Yes, it looks good to have somebody, but please… desire first to have an intimate relationship with the Lord before desiring intimacy with the opposite sex.

Kaya kong sabihin yan dahil napagdaanan ko na’ng ‘makagalitan/mapagsabihan’ about sa isyung yan.. Sa mga Christian girls, kung gusto nyong huwag mapag-iwanan, ipag-pray nyo na ngayon palang eh hindi nga kayo mapag-iwanan, pero bakit, mag-aasawa na ba kayo ngayon? Ahahaa… tapusin nyo muna ang inyong pag-aaral at magkaroon ng stable job, pati ang spiritual life and devotion kay Lord, maging stable MUNA. :D



Mawawala na kasi ang Multiply as a social network site, kaya dito nalang ako nagra-rant, hahaha.

a tale of two floodwaters

It’s my same left foot, but in a different water.. (left part) During the Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) last 2009; I took that an hour or so before the water reached 6 feet. (right) Just recently, last Aug. 7; the floodwater was caused by continuous torrential rains– not by a typhoon but only by a habagat (southwest monsoon)! The rain (or the flood) struck almost all parts of Metro Manila and Luzon provinces. The water subsided on the third day in our area, but as of this writing several places are still submerged.

External link: Philippine flood deaths climb to 60

the last time of the first time

It’s the first of August now, and I haven’t had a new blog post. It seems my mind hasn’t jump started yet, because for the past weeks I’ve been recovering and resting due to a minor surgery (details maybe next time). I will try to refresh my mind…hahaha.

But I remember I had a previous activity– fun run! Yes, it was my first time. Actually I’m not fond of joining such because I know I’m not so physically fit, but then again, I joined anyway, hehe :D My church friends and I went; we did the 3k run. I think we did walking more than running (maybe we weren’t first conditioned physically, haha!). Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable activity.

“Schools Run for School Rooms” – July 7, 2012 at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
-the 10k run is starting..

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