the Love of God

Last month I decided to social media fast.. I deprived myself from opening my Facebook and Twitter for seven days, and dwell in the wisdom and revelation of the Lord. Though seven days didn’t actually mean seven topics, but God is good and gracious that He let me realized five topics during those days.

REALIZATION 01: Love of God (and Love for Him)heart-gsz

Actually I didn’t write something about this, because during that day I expressed personally my love to God, to my Father, to my Abba (I didn’t write them down, because I’m really talking with Him as if He was in front of me at that time). He led me into various passages about His love, but first in the power of His grace and forgiveness over my faults and sins. Continue reading

on temptations

most of the times there’s a rush of ideas, or inspiration from the Lord that I must really lay it down, else I won’t get sleep. T_T haha. To God be all the glory and praises! He is the source of all wisdom and learning :)

sin. grace. another chance.


The laws in Moses’ Teachings were added to increase the failure. But where sin increased, God’s kindness [grace] increased even more. -Romans 5:20, GW

My understanding in this is, though how great our sins are, God’s grace and forgiveness are greater still. When we sin, we can think that we are unforgivable, or that our sins are beyond forgiveness. But we are constantly reminded that His grace is greater than our guilt. Always.

But, the apostle Paul clearly said Continue reading

Tumblr-ish confession

These past few days I stumbled upon Tumblr through image searching, and then for maybe a couple of hours I got so hooked up in clicking thumbnails and scrolling down, looking at some pretty and fun(ny) pictures. It’s an interesting social site, but I didn’t make an account anyway (I have sooo many accounts now, and I’m sooo not good in remembering~).

I created a Twitter account instead :D

My schoolmate once said that having Tumblr is like having a life away from the actual lifemay sariling mundo…hehe. But the way the posts are made (and posted, lol) is fun; feelings and reactions are best expressed through photo thumbnails, and made me think, why not make a Tumblr-ish blog, eh? (I didn’t make it as thumbnails, though.)


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During the first semester of my senior year, there were “slack-off days” – went home after school and just watched TV while lying on my bed (Ah, those were the days). During those times I really missed watching the local afternoon news and the other primetime shows available in our cable TV. How I Met Your Mother was up at that time. I wasn’t really into American sitcoms, but I tried to watch it because the title was intriguing. (I have read the storyline before in Wikipedia… haha mahilig talaga akong magcheck doon of things like shows or movies I’m curious about without the need to watch or see them first.) Well you can read about it here.

There’s this one episode, where Ted (the main character) is dating a new girl, and is searching for a “baggage” in her. He believes that how seemingly perfect a girl is (or a person), there will still some problems that will come out eventually. One of his friends tells him to just look way past it since everyone has baggage. Another points out that someone who has it doesn’t mean she isn’t date-able. Ted recalls the last time he looked past a girl’s baggage was with his former fiancee.

Ted reacting "violently" to the movie..

While seeing a new movie called The Wedding Bride with his date, Ted shockingly realizes it’s about him and his relationship with Stella, who left him on their wedding day and went to Shelter Island with her ex, Tony. Well the movie is barely truthful to the real accounts (it’s directed by Tony himself) and has given Ted a negative shade. People love the film, but not Ted of course. It only brings back all the painful memories and the fact that how hard he tries to hide what happened before, it will all come out. Eventually he discovers that he’s the one who has the baggage problem. Continue reading