I’m coming Your way, Lord…

Swan Song

The final days are coming
and I can’t wait for it.
Though it’s a sign to let go,
it’s the inevitable I have to meet.

But the more I long for it,
the more I’m hurting inside.
It seems the days I’ve been were not enough;
the words I’ve imparted they couldn’t abide.

I hope I could go back to those times,
to do the things I’ve just learned;
to share what I have just discovered —
But I guess it’s not wise for it to consider.

I had many struggles and failures,
weaknesses and fears in being there;
So many fights and battles I’ve lost and won,
So many burdens I had to bear.

Amidst the incapabilities I realized in myself,
and insufficiency of mine I had known,
is Your never-ending mercy, glory and power I beheld;
Divine strength and mighty love You had shown.

Now I’m finally coming to the end
of this part of my journey,
ahead of me lies uncertainties
of where I will go or what I will be.

O how I desire to stay!
But it’s not for me to decide
Everything is in the LORD’s doing;
In Him I confide.

It is painful to go,
but I think I have to grow
in different pastures He will be leading me,
in various streams He wills me to flow.

O LORD! It hurts to step ahead,
but to stay more hurts even more.
Prepare me — I’m getting ready,
I’m coming;
in Your will I will soar.

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