memoirs of my (pre)summer..

Okaaaay. So I’m super late in this kind of post.. There’s a LOT that had happened the past weeks (or month?). It’s June now– start of classes for students, rainy season (or is that storm and flood??). But my summer this year is memorable. Thank You Lord! :D


there were baby crabs surfacing from those holes.. cute!

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march madness

Hehe, nakiki-uso lang. Bakit ba? … Applicable pa rin naman ang title ko dahil sa dami ng mga nangyari, pinuntahan, at nakasama ko ngayong March.. hindi naman ganun ka-extreme ang mga nangyari, still nakasama ko ang mga taong mahahalaga sa’ken, which made the days/dates worth remembering :)

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thank You!

thank you Lord!



In affliction and in failure;

In the cries of a wounded heart;

In trials You are allowing–

Thank You, Lord…


In answering my prayers;

In the strength that comes from You;

In teaching and instructing me–

Thank You, Lord..

Thank You…


Though I don’t deserve anything good because of my sins and what I’ve done before, still the Lord is so gracious and merciful, because He lets me experience and enjoy the good things. People may change, and years may turn like pages in a book, but God is never-changing. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever!


Have a blessed and God-outpouring 2012 everyone!