thank You!

thank you Lord!



In affliction and in failure;

In the cries of a wounded heart;

In trials You are allowing–

Thank You, Lord…


In answering my prayers;

In the strength that comes from You;

In teaching and instructing me–

Thank You, Lord..

Thank You…


Though I don’t deserve anything good because of my sins and what I’ve done before, still the Lord is so gracious and merciful, because He lets me experience and enjoy the good things. People may change, and years may turn like pages in a book, but God is never-changing. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever!


Have a blessed and God-outpouring 2012 everyone!


Lenten Christmas

Though it’s the Christmas season, I can’t help but also think (& feel) that it’s the Lenten season now. Whenever I think of Christ’s birth, I also remember His death. We can not celebrate one and neglect the other. His birth and death embody the Father’s unconditional love for us sinners.

That was my Facebook status yesterday.

For the past days I’ve been in various seasonal merriment. I admit I don’t like parties, but I don’t hate attending one. I am just so.. passive when it comes to things like that. Anyway…

Sometimes, in the midst of the festive celebration, people forget, have taken for granted, and/or compromise the meaning of Christmas (no, I don’t think it’s because of the usage of Xmas. Go and research about it..). I have encountered lots of messages about the real Reason of this season. We know right: it’s the Lord Jesus. But people also forget Continue reading

free gift


Very nice Mikey.. you did it again! :D


PAROL: from simple to grand designs and forms

The video above sums up how we Filipinos celebrate and enjoy the holidays. Christmas in the Philippines is like no other. We’re very unique in observing and celebrating it, like we know it’s already Christmastime when September has come (as the start of “ber” months); the parol (Pinoy lantern) we hang; the puto bumbong and bibingka being sold outside the churches during Simbang Gabi; the children singing carols nights before 25; the kids who go to their ninong’s and ninang’s houses (godfather and godmother) to collect their pamasko or aguinaldo, either in gift or monetary form (now I’m old enough to receive one. Well it still depends..!); and Continue reading

I’m coming Your way, Lord…

Swan Song

The final days are coming
and I can’t wait for it.
Though it’s a sign to let go,
it’s the inevitable I have to meet.

But the more I long for it,
the more I’m hurting inside.
It seems the days I’ve been were not enough;
the words I’ve imparted they couldn’t abide.

I hope I could go back to those times,
to do the things I’ve just learned;
to share what I have just discovered —
But I guess it’s not wise for it to consider.

I had many struggles and failures,
weaknesses and fears in being there;
So many fights and battles I’ve lost and won,
So many burdens I had to bear.

Amidst the incapabilities I realized in myself,
and insufficiency of mine I had known,
is Your never-ending mercy, glory and power I beheld;
Divine strength and mighty love You had shown.

Now I’m finally coming to the end
of this part of my journey,
ahead of me lies uncertainties
of where I will go or what I will be.

O how I desire to stay!
But it’s not for me to decide
Everything is in the LORD’s doing;
In Him I confide.

It is painful to go,
but I think I have to grow
in different pastures He will be leading me,
in various streams He wills me to flow.

O LORD! It hurts to step ahead,
but to stay more hurts even more.
Prepare me — I’m getting ready,
I’m coming;
in Your will I will soar.

*** Continue reading

to overcome

I thought a thought but the thought I thought wasn’t the thought I thought I thought…

After reading the Gospel of Mark, I began to think some of my new realizations about reading the Bible and other misconceptions I had about it. Then I thought to create a list of the realizations I’ve found in myself for the past years. It’s in random order, some are just plain silly, some are really significant.

-I thought I could never learn the piano.

-I thought I could never learn English (I’m still learning!).

-I thought ‘Mark’ (and Luke) was among Jesus’ 12 disciples.

-I thought I could never understand the Bible. Or, I thought I could never stand reading the Old Testament (but hey! I’ve already finished it for the glory of God :) ). Continue reading