I’m coming Your way, Lord…

Swan Song

The final days are coming
and I can’t wait for it.
Though it’s a sign to let go,
it’s the inevitable I have to meet.

But the more I long for it,
the more I’m hurting inside.
It seems the days I’ve been were not enough;
the words I’ve imparted they couldn’t abide.

I hope I could go back to those times,
to do the things I’ve just learned;
to share what I have just discovered —
But I guess it’s not wise for it to consider.

I had many struggles and failures,
weaknesses and fears in being there;
So many fights and battles I’ve lost and won,
So many burdens I had to bear.

Amidst the incapabilities I realized in myself,
and insufficiency of mine I had known,
is Your never-ending mercy, glory and power I beheld;
Divine strength and mighty love You had shown.

Now I’m finally coming to the end
of this part of my journey,
ahead of me lies uncertainties
of where I will go or what I will be.

O how I desire to stay!
But it’s not for me to decide
Everything is in the LORD’s doing;
In Him I confide.

It is painful to go,
but I think I have to grow
in different pastures He will be leading me,
in various streams He wills me to flow.

O LORD! It hurts to step ahead,
but to stay more hurts even more.
Prepare me — I’m getting ready,
I’m coming;
in Your will I will soar.


It’s still uncertain, but.. it’s already obvious.

I have longed to write another poem for God but during those days I just couldn’t. Words couldn’t flow. But, because of the sadness and expectations mixed together inside, I created one. The whole story of this poem is in this blog, but only my contacts there can read it (just sharing~).

That’s how I’m feeling right now. I’m waiting for the turn of the year for everything to unfold. All glory to the living, majestic, incomparable, magnificent God!


Swan Song (c) gRaY 2011. All rights reserved :D


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