memoirs of my (pre)summer..

Okaaaay. So I’m super late in this kind of post.. There’s a LOT that had happened the past weeks (or month?). It’s June now– start of classes for students, rainy season (or is that storm and flood??). But my summer this year is memorable. Thank You Lord! :D


there were baby crabs surfacing from those holes.. cute!



view from top of Hannah’s hotel

pagudpud1 pagudpud2pagudpud3 pagudpud4 pagudpud7 pagudpud8 pagudpud9 pagudpud11 pagudpud12 pagudpud13 pagudpud14 pagudpud15 pagudpud16 pagudpud17 pagudpud18 pagudpud19 pagudpud20 pagudpud21 pagudpud22 pagudpud23 pagudpud24

The travel from Vigan to Pagudpud took us 3 hours, I think? And the road through was very dark, with no friendly people outside; they’re all asleep! …And the running gag I thought I can only hear from others is totally true: when you’re in a province and you ask a local there how far is a certain place you’re going to, he/she will say, “Malapit na,” (It’s just near) but actually it’s really too far ahead!.. Haynako, ankulit lang, naligaw kami papuntang Pagudpud; we failed to see its big sign (as in BIG with a giant clamshell). And so we ended up at Hannah’s hotel. In the morning when we woke up, there were actually several small huts near the beach & it’s free to lodge there. Anyway.. We took our lunch first before going to the waters.. haha we didn’t have pictures while swimming; we kept our cellphones/cameras in our rooms. But still we enjoyed the swim! The water was really blue (thus, Blue Lagoon), the sun was high and the sky and surrounding nature were all beautiful, and the tide got higher. That place was really great! I think it’s worth the travel :)

After that we decided to go to nearby tourist attractions: we passed by Timmangtang Rock and Bantay Abot Cave, that some say they’re two lover rocks. Okay. The Bantay Abot Cave is a cave with a hole in its center, and its surroundings are full of shiny rocks and weeds.

To be continued… (More from Ilocos Norte: Kabigan Falls and Bangui Windmills)


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