No One But You

There are many times that You
have held me up high above
the storm, the flood, the wave—
You have shown Your incomparable love.

There’s nothing more to prove,
more than what You’ve done on the cross;
Your sacrifice is the uttermost of all—
Royalty left behind to save the lost.

You were the ram caught in the thickets
by its horns, prepared for the offering;
the tree that made bitter waters sweet,
and made well all who were sick.

You are the living waters that sprung up
out of the rock for the thirsty;
The brooks and streams are You
for the dried-up soul of a deer.

At Your right hand are pleasures of forever,
Battles are defeated down at Your feet.
To find You is to find myself;
In Your presence, joy is complete.

Like a son I run to You,
and like a father You come running to me;
There is nothing like this in all the world,
There is nothing to compare with Thee.

You are far more than I can ever desire,
For a Father like You, there is none else;
One who knew me before the foundation of everything,
The One who understands me most before I knew of Him.

The love of the Father is beyond all I can imagine,
Though I’m not worthy of His home, He took me in.
He is all a child can long for, can hope for—
To be under the palm of His hands; to be just beside Him.

I desire to hear You say how my life will go on,
To know You and the paths You’re taking me to.
For there is no one that will guide me in this self-seeking world,
No one to satisfy me, not even one, but You.

For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.” (Romans 8:15)

//gRaY (c) 02-03-12//


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