Good Doctor ep12

Shi-on: In the world, there seems to be a lot of qualifying criteria. A qualification to become a student. A qualification to become a doctor. A qualification to become a man. And… a qualification to like or love someone.  (Good Doctor, episode 12)

Shi-on got to confess his feelings to Yoon-seo. But he knew that being in a relationship with somebody would be impossible especially for someone like him. In the quote above, it’s like he’s saying someone like him isn’t qualified to love because of his autism.

A while ago, pinanood ko naman ang episode 13. Sabi ng colleague nya sa hospital, there isn’t any qualifications in love; if you are sincere and really care for that person, you’re already qualified, because only you have that.

Naalala ko kagabi pinanood ko yung episode 18 nyan. Habang naririnig ni Yoon-seo si Shi-on na kinakausap ang buwan at kumakanta at nagdaydream ng isang “normal date,” bigla nalang akong naiyak.

Nakakatawa lang.



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