Jesus said to them, “Come and eat breakfast.” (John 21:12)

TOO BUSY TO LOVE* (Read: John 21:1-14)

Our lives can get so busy with Christian activities that we couldn’t have time to tell our neighbor about the love of God if that neighbor walked right up to us and asked us about it.

Do you have the time to love people? Not just a quick “hello” or a formal “How are you doing — but make it short because I gotta go.” Do you have time to really love and serve people? Do you have time to be interrupted, if necessary, by their lives?

Jesus never seemed in a hurry when it came to people. He always had time to serve and to love. He even had time to cook the disciples breakfast and eat with them (John 21:12). With all the important things he could have been doing before he left this earth, he was cooking fish. Why? Because loving people is important, and loving people means having time to be with them, to serve them. What kind of time do you have for others? Continue reading