so you’re a princess, huh?

Dati, maging hanggang ngayon, may mga nababasa akong posts na, “I am God’s princess,” “My Dad is the King, therefore I am His Princess,” or something like that. Dati naisip ko, mga posts lang yan ng mga pa-girl, or girly-girl Christians (ahaha sorry naman). But in a real Christian perspective, the sonship authority we received through the Holy Spirit makes this statement more truthful, more than an image of a fairytale or fantasy princess that we know.


Of course when we say PRINCESS, there’s an image of a crown, a beautiful dress, a lovely kingdom, a handsome prince, a wonderful life. In a Christian perspective, all of those are true. That is, if we are truly in Christ, and we have the Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit can testify with our spirit that we are children of God (Romans 8:16). We become co-heirs with Christ (v.17). So, in a sense, we can say we’re a princess (or prince) of God. But what really is a duty of a princess, especially one of the LORD’s?

I remembered this movie line of Queen Clarisse (played by Julie Andrews) from The Princess Diaries:

You know, people think  princesses are supposed to wear tiaras, marry the prince, always look pretty and live happily ever after but it’s so much more than that. It’s a real job.

What are our initial thoughts when we say “I’m a Princess of God”? Is it also like the queen’s description of a fairytale princess? Maybe. Because that’s the typical thought or idea that will definitely cross our minds.

princess1If I would  call myself a princess too, I would say, I’m a warrior princess :D. It’s true that God has given and promised me a crown (2 Timothy 4:8); a beautiful dress (Isaiah 61:10); an eternal home in His kingdom; a Prince (Jesus is already my Prince of Peace :D); and a wonderful life (Jeremiah 29:11). Some princesses stay in their kingdoms, or towers, being locked away; but there’s a kind of princess who wants or needs to fight in battles– a warrior princess.

Because God has given us a complete armor and weapons of warfare (Ephesians 6:10-18), we must wear and use them everyday. A princess of God doesn’t just always have to look pretty, but also knows how to raise her shield and use her sword. She isn’t just a lady waiting in her kingdom or locked tower, but a lady who joins her King’s army in the battle. She should not be just concerned about how she looks, but more importantly is she’s prepared (and always preparing herself) in everyday battles.


Eowyn of Rohan

Eowyn, the Shieldmaiden of Rohan, a character in JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy, is the King’s niece and also a princess. But unlike other noble ladies, she’s one type who doesn’t want to be left behind, especially from battles, in defending her land, people, and king. In the Return of the King, she secretly joined his uncle’s army and fought side by side with other gallant men, against orcs and giant elephants. She, together with a hobbit (really now, don’t let me narrate everything.. nood-nood/basa-basa din pag may time xD), killed the Witch-king upon defending or protecting her uncle, who was in turn been fatally wounded by the enemy. That scene, that character, that desire… Eowyn is one of the noble ladies I admire who really shows not just her beauty and brains, but her spirit and courage to gather everything that is within her to fight amidst difficult circumstances, and didn’t become passive of her true role.


But if I would call myself as such, I would prefer being called a worship warrior princess. But, I think, a worship warrior Bride is what I really am. Because that’s my destiny. ♥

Being God’s princess isn’t a job, but a commitment; a covenant, a devotion to the King of kings!


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