the (Pinoy) Christmas spirit…

No, I’m not endorsing the above product, pero natutuwa lang ako sa bagong commercial na yan dito sa’min. Nagpapakita kasi ito ng genuine Filipino spirit, na sa kabila ng lahat ng mga nangyari, ay marami pa rin tayong dapat ipagpasalamat, hence the final quote of the ad. Sa kabila ng lahat ng mga nangyari sa buhay natin lalo na sa taong ito (sa dami ba namang bagyo’t baha’t habagat na dumaan…!), mas marami pa rin tayong na-receive na pagpapala (blessings) galing kay Lord.

WEDDINGS. It’s more fun in the Philippines =D

I can say this year has been good to me. Well, depends on how good it has brought me, but all in all, we must always reflect on God’s unchanging nature throughout the changing times and seasons– His undying love, unlimited grace and compassion, and never-ending faithfulness. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever! (Hebrews 13:8) =D

For every news of violence in the world…
there are 146 Filipinos giving greetings of peace.

For every “it’s complicated”…
9 are “in a relationship.”

For every neighborhood dispute…
hundreds of Noche Buenas will be shared.

Though some families are separated…
thousands will swear to stay together through hardship and happiness.

No matter how many storms hit us…
Millions of people will bring hope
and we will never run out of people that share happiness.

Despite everything, there are still more reasons for us to be thankful.

Parang kailan lang, December na ulit… CHRISTMAS. It’s more fun in the Philippines! Kahit anumang nangyari sa mga nakalipas na buwan, masarap pa ring maging Pinoy! =D


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