the last time of the first time

It’s the first of August now, and I haven’t had a new blog post. It seems my mind hasn’t jump started yet, because for the past weeks I’ve been recovering and resting due to a minor surgery (details maybe next time). I will try to refresh my mind…hahaha.

But I remember I had a previous activity– fun run! Yes, it was my first time. Actually I’m not fond of joining such because I know I’m not so physically fit, but then again, I joined anyway, hehe :D My church friends and I went; we did the 3k run. I think we did walking more than running (maybe we weren’t first conditioned physically, haha!). Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable activity.

“Schools Run for School Rooms” – July 7, 2012 at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
-the 10k run is starting..

now it’s our turn! :D

With my church friends. The fun run is sponsored by FILA and many others…

looks like we’re all just walking… hahahaa napagod ka’gad? xD

while running..

usap-usap din habang ‘tumatakbo’ :D

madaming sumali for a cause :)

“don’t worry guys, malapit na ang finish line…” hehe

o gulat kayo nho? kala nyo sina jerome at dabeed..??..sila nga yun, hahaha.. *my friends; yung isa humabol sa 10k hehe*

After that I felt like I wanted to laze around the house because of my aching legs. Well, maybe next time I’ll try joining another fun run :)

So, what’s your “last time of the first time“? :D


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