When the JIL 33rd Anniversary (and my OJT) was over, I thought to myself, Salamat, I could have a real rest and vacation now. I could enjoy the remaining days of my sem break (that day signaled the start of my real sem break). But then again, there’s another event coming. For three days. I was anticipating for it in the past, because I wanted to see and listen to the speakers in person. Then I was thinking about my rest. But I was appointed to go. Good for me there were friends of mine from other districts who were willing to attend also. In a conversation with one friend, I said, “Mabuti pa sila may bakasyon…” but he told me “Magbabakasyon tayo with the Lord.

The National Youth Prophetic Conference which was organized by Intercessors for the Philippines, Inc. (IFP) was held last October 31 – Nov. 2 at Cuneta Astrodome, and was jam-packed by thousands of young people (with a mix of seniors :D) from various church affiliations. It was for those who are 15 – 29 years old, because the message of the speakers concerned about the preparation for the End-Time Army of God. The Army would be composed of young people, as it was spoken in Joel 2 and in Psalm 110.

As  IFP chairman Ptr. Dan Balais has said, we are living in the days of prophetic fulfillment. We are in the last of the last days. True, because we are experiencing perilous times, great disasters and troubles. But all of these are written and foretold in God’s Word. We are assured that everything will take place in God’s perfect time.

The focus in the last days will be about the Bride of Christ (the Church) and the spiritual Harvest. The Church is also considered as the Ezer Bride, or the Warrior Bride, for she will be a help-meet (Genesis 2:18) to the Bridegroom.

Throughout the three-day event, the setup was like this (yes, I have noticed it ^^): Prophet Bro. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj would be the first speaker, followed by another foreign or local speaker, then Bro. Sadhu again with Bro. Vincent Selvakumar.

Seeing Prophet Sadhu, I really thought he’s like a serious one. That because he’s a prophet, he could knoweverything (through the Spirit, of course!). But no, he’s more like a grandpa to us, telling serious and funny stories and cracking (even segueing) jokes (I’m missing him already).

with KKB friends =)

On the first day, he gave us 5 essential requirements to be in God’s End Time Army:

  1. Cast away your ambitions
  2. Have a servant heart
  3. Have an implicit obedience
  4. Undivided loyalty
  5. Holiness

On the second day, he let us internalize the meaning of Joel 2 – that it’s all about us, the young people. The fire behind and before us in verse 3 tells of God’s protection against the enemies’ weapons. We have to be filled with the Spirit without measure, like a perfect storm (Isaiah 11:2).

On the third day, he emphasized how pride and other hidden sins could not make a minister grow and liken to Lucifer. Ministers of God must be secured to the calling, not being envious of others. The LORD is either a refiner’s fire for the saints (Malachi 3:2), or a devouring one for those who are still living in secret sins (4:1).

Bro. Vincent spoke while Prophet Sadhu translated his Talmud on each final session. And on every session were visions from the LORD. (I have bad memory; still the blessing of its revelation is truly amazing!)

Among others who spoke were Ptr. Ed de Guzman, Ptr. Joe Sweet, Ptr. Wyden King, Ptr. Jerome Ocampo, and Bro. Eddie Villanueva.

Before the event ended, young men and women who represent each age group and banners of the Philippine regions were prayed and laid hands for as an act of prophetic gesture.

I’m still thinking how our generation could be THE generation… It seems so surreal, and yet it’s exciting and fulfilling to know that God has a higher calling for my generation. We have to answer His call. Each of us must know our identity and pursue our destiny. We must not be like leaves being tossed around by the wind of this broken society. The LORD has bigger plans for each one of us.


One thought on “vacation?

  1. I have been at the conference. I was blessed by the speakers and praise and worship. I did enjoy praising God and seeing how the youth praises God. I also had a good experience with God. Hope to attend another conference like this one.

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