Updating (or the want of being carried away)

making it a status before doing it! hahaha (wala lang, natuwa lang ako sa pic ^^)

Hi folks.. It’s been so long since my last blog post here. Life had been so busy lately — Thesis 1, OJT, 1st birthday/ dedication celebration of my niece, 13th anniversary of our church… The last two were over; the first two’s are still on going. I did my “computing” of the hours spent at OJT, and I was bowled over the sum (almost 7 weeks; excluding the 6 absences! ~) — 268 hours! Wow!.. 218 hours still left (Even my fellow trainee can’t believe it. Maybe I have to do a re-count ^^)*. And I still have to do the related study about game development for our thesis documentation (that’s the first part of our thesis; the second part will be on next sem, and that’s the coding, designing, and modeling part).

I’m supposed to update or post something about Christian walk and faith (or part of my recent devotions), but here I am– updating about myself. As I also realize, I’m supposed to encourage or somehow inspire some of the people here through what I’m learning everyday from God. But sometimes, I go blank. Sometimes, still, there’s a gray area in my life as I continue to walk this faith. A gray area I still can’t answer; still asking God for His answers. Still waiting. Still hoping.

As I go back to the Israelites’ journey of becoming captives of Babylon, I realize God’s everlasting covenant with them– that they are His prized possession. His beloved. His love. Though they have sinned against Him, He still made sure they would be safe, and that they would return after the LORD’s plans were laid down.

Sometimes, I also want to be carried away, like the Israelites. I want to be carried away from here, from this common place, from the people. To be in a place where I could find solitude of being alone, but never lonely. The words spoken, actions done, thoughts conceived by others– they seem like a hurricane of confusion for me. To be carried away from the world would be the best (if not the best) rest for me as I continue to live in this broken world.

As of this writing, it’s 12:28 in the morning.. As always, I have to wake up early and do my job as a trainee. I also have to research for the game dev related study, due Saturday (cramming will never leave me… But sometimes it helps me even more to think more, haha!). So to my group mate, if you’re reading this.. don’t pressure me. I’m working on it.

PS. I’m still awake even after washing my clothes.. Is that the result of Folic Acid?? Or maybe because I managed to have some winks when I got home ^_^ Thank You LORD :)

You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself.

~ Exodus 19:4 ~

*I really did a recount the next day.. and it came down to 204 something hours.. (Maybe I just got excited computing the time.. haha.. )


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