(Only) Life in this Plain

I hold this pen again
And started on this plain
Wrote down the time and date
Wondering what to create.

I've been musing on the past
Things that never really last
All I've been gaining is lost
Like leaves, in the wind, tossed

around and around, hard to be found,
tracking down the sound
of every music played, every word spoken,
every action done, every promise broken.

Intoxicated by the filthiness,
Carried by the madness,
Swimming but not trying to be immersed
completely, getting my sanity back first

from the temporary world of both
dreams and forgetfulness --
I know where my truth lies --
it is not in their mouth or mine,
but in my God alone.
The satisfaction does not lie
in gaining or achieving,
but in knowing You are satisfied
with the offering I bring.
Joy does not come
from the people of vanity,
but from You who gives
gladness forevermore.

I cannot stop being Your child,
I cannot stop seeking You,
I cannot stop uttering Your name,
or even stop acknowledging You in the crowd.
Because You are a burning fire
shut up in my bones --
I cannot contain it..

Healing comes from the sound of Your name,
through the keys, dark and fair.
Let Your flow not be hindered
by myself playing it.
Let Your Spirit have His way
in my heart and in my soul
Breaking it, turning into melody
to be a sacrifice of praise unto You, my King.
For I will never stop
even if it hurts --
I know it will always hurt --
Following You has no rosy path.
but in every thorn at the side,
there, a glorious crown, awaits me...

I can't even settle now a rhyme
because You can never be contained
in limited words of the same sound;
in free verse I exalt You,
and if there are more than words --
more than these words this age has ever known --
I will continue -- in rhyme or no rhyme,
in free verse or anything goes,
For You are the only life I put
on this plain, the only center
of this piece,
the Only.

//03-19-11 | 2:04pm/11:50pm//

midori (c)

NOTE: if you've been blessed by this poem and wished to share it, pls inform or PM me.. 

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